Bouillon de déguisements dans la marmite (3′22)

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Bouillon de déguisements dans la marmite (3′22)

6 décembre 11: Les 2500 participants officiels, sans compter les centaines de coureurs clandestins, ont rivalisé d’imagination pour gagner le prix du meilleur déguisement de la course de l’escalade.

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  1. Poloboy Dit :

    Wow, that rings so true with our family.My hubby’s pntraes are much older and live in PE, and unfortunately my mom passed away a month before Aaron was born.My dad is awesome with him and Aaron loves his Gump , but from a baby sitting point of view we are also often stuck though never ever with rtegrets.It has taught me that a basic support structure is so important even if it is just from friends. But your main support system is your own basic family unit.LOVE IS ALWAYS ENOUGH WITH LOVE EVERYTHING ELSE WILL FALL INTO PLACE.

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